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    Matthew 28: 18-20
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    When: Sunday at 10 A.M
    Where: Physics Bldg - RM 1002(UF Campus) 2001 Museum Rd., Gainesville, FL 32603
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About Us

The Gainesville International Christian Church is a non-denominational Bible based church that is part of the SoldOut Movement of Churches (International Christian Churches).

 Marcel abd Tia Turner

What We Believe In

  • There is one true God who reveals himself to the world as The Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19). Jesus, the Son of God, is our one and only Lord and Savior, crucified for our sins and physically resurrected from the dead on the third day (John 14:6 ; Acts 4:12; 1 Corinthians 15 ).
  • The Bible is the only written message of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and without error (2 Timothy 3:16-17; Peter 1:19-21).
  • A person is saved by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus Christ. A person must, through faith and obedience, reach out to receive this free gift of salvation (Ephesians 1:1-10; James 2:14-26).
  • As with the first Christians, when a person repents and is baptized their sins are forgiven and the Holy Spirit begins to work in their life (Acts 2:36-41; Romans 8:5-11).
  • Only baptized disciples are members of Christ’s church (Matthew 28:18-20; 1 Corinthians 12:12-13).
  • After baptism every Christian needs to be discipled–called/taught to obey the Scriptures by other Christians (Matthew 28:20).
  • Every disciple must be committed to the vision of taking God’s Word to build churches by making disciples of all every nation in this generation (Matthew 24:14; Colossians 1:6, 23)

Life Groups

  • What are life groups?

    Life groups are our of way meeting and engaging students on a personal level at their campus.

  • What if I'm not a student?

    Don't worry, we also have life groups that are geared towards marrieds and young professional.

  • What happens at a life group?

    Life groups are often short bible question and answer disucssions. Life grou leaders are free to chose their own format and may even offer engaging games.

  • When and where do lige groups meet.

    Life groups meet at differnt tiems in order to accomadate all people. For more information click on the list to the right to find out more information about each life group.

  • The Way

    Lead by Jacob Wessels and Tish Chaney on the UF campus.

    When: Wednesday @ 10:15 am.

    Contact #: (552) 514-9150

  • Jewels for Jesus

    Led by Vanessa Blakely

    When: Thursday @ 6:45 pm.

    Contact #: (352) 284-3358

  • The Watchmen

    Led by Bobby Hodge and Naomi Pierre at Santa Fe College campus.

    When: Thursday @ 12:15 pm.

    Contact #: (805) 279-7302

  • The Fellowship of the Rings

    Led by Joseph and Courtney Melara for families.

    When: Thursday @ 7:30 pm.

    Contact #: (352) 339-9261

  • The Minority Report

    Led by Isaac Gonzalez and Sarah Marquez at UF campus.

    When: Tuesday

    Contact #: (305) 333-2104

  • Soul Purpose

    Led by Jacob Cherena and Yinet Montesino for young professionals.

    When: Thursday @ 8:00 pm.

    Contact #: (352) 872-4972

  • Legacy

    Led by Marcel and Tia Turner for families.

    When: Thursday @ 7:30 pm.

    Contact #: (407) 864-1707

  • Real Talk

    Led by Marcel and Tia Turner on UF campus.

    When: Monday @ 3:30 pm.

    Contact #: (407) 864-1707

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Gainesville International Christian Church
Physics Bldg - RM 1002(UF Campus)
2001 Museum Rd., Gainesville, FL 32603

Physics Bldg - RM 1002(UF Campus) 2001 Museum Rd., Gainesville, FL 32603

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